Hello world!

This might be a very short blog.. grin

What could I talk about?? A lots of things, but the ones that make me mad are idiots and racist.. I have never seen color, when I was 2 we lived on the west side of Columbus.. Like all kids we played and had fun.. One day I came running into the house I was all excited, I ask my mom why Janice was dirty?? Mom said dirty yes she is brown so I always told when you were brown you wee dirty.. My mom laughed and said she isn’t dirty that is the color of her skin.. Oh I said ran back outside found┬áJanice and we played till dark.. Remember dark was time to come in..

My folks were born and raised in the south, they didn’t teach me anything about race.. To me everyone is the same, till they show themselves as to what they are.. What is a real shame is that 99% of folks are good people..

We was raise to respect everyone.. Everyone was aunt and uncle, if they were related or not, they all would bust your butt if you did something wrong, how did we move away from this??

Happy blogging!